8PB Venus Belgian Quadrupel

VENUS - artABV: 14.3%
IBUs: 20

energy sources:   pale two-row, special B, cara-20 and biscuit malts, roast barley
flavor contributors:  styrian goldings hops + star anise
degree of intensity: 20 ibus
instability factor: 14.3% abv
brew date:  20080403
release date:  20081114

Venus—goddess of love and beauty—exudes grace and voluptuousness. Indulgent with lush dark malts and sensuous star anise, VENUS Belgian-style Quadrupel is decadent and divine in body and spirit. Leisure lounging in French oak Cabernet Sauvignon casks results in a lovely liquid feast of fabulously luxurious flavors.

The beer was brewed once as part of this series.

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