Bore Tide

Belgian Wheat Wine

Other: Aged in High West Rye Whiskey Barrels

IBUs: 65 Int'l Bittering Units

ABV: 10% Alcohol by Volume

As in all areas of the world, Alaska has its own vernacular – a unique array of terms that describe life in the Great Land. Inspired by these quirky terms, Midnight Sun is presenting some favorites in the form of beer. So whether you live in Alaska or Outside, let your taste buds interpret our language via your glass.


A “Bore Tide” is a rush of seawater that returns to a shallow and narrowing inlet after extreme minus low tides. Alaska’s famous bore tide occurs just outside Anchorage. Running 40-50 miles along Turnagain Arm, it climbs up to 6-10 feet tall and can reach speeds of 10-15 MPH. Our Bore Tide is one of the largest in the world. And like the massive wave pouring in to Turnagain Arm, Bore Tide Wheat Wine will knock you over, stand you up and remind you why we live in this incredible land. Flavors of whiskey and charred oak crash in to the crevices its viscous sweet wheat. There is nothing small about this one.

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