What Road?

What Road?

unfiltered Double IPA

Malt: Two row, White Wheat, Flaked Wheat, malted oats

Hops: Enigma & calypso

ABV: 7.2% Alcohol by Volume

What Road!?!?

You may find yourself asking this question far too often while maneuvering Alaskan winter roads, but you’ll be saying it with far less angst & more excitement maneuvering the fridge for your new favorite winter IPA! What Road? is a pillowy unfiltered double IPA loaded with large amounts of Enigma and Calypso hops to unearth tropical citrus flavors. Enigma hops bring out notes of raspberry & redcurrant while Calypso adds lemon, black pepper, and pronounced pear flavors. The selected yeast strain perfectly complements the mix by lending hints of passion fruit, pear, and stone fruit reinforcing the tropical aromatic profile. Take your taste buds on vacation with this new seasonal winter IPA, but don’t forget to drive safe on your way!

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What Road beer picture

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