Our Brewery

Midnight Sun Brewing Co. began commercially producing ales and lagers for the fine people of Alaska in 1995. Midnight Sun is the oldest brewery in Anchorage and the second oldest statewide. Our first beer was Wolf Spirit Sparkling Ale, a beer inspired by our president and founder, Mark Staples’ time in Australia. Kodiak Brown Ale was our second offering and then on from there. Today MSBC produces over 40 different ales and lagers a year. Some are available year-round, some seasonally, and others just once.

MSBC is world renowned for our barrel-aged stouts and barley wines, beers that are appropriate for our less-than-temperate climate and long dark winter nights. Our core brands include IPAs and Belgian ales to cover the rest of the days when it seems the sun never sleeps, nor the people of this wild northern country. Our flagship IPA, Sockeye Red, named for the Sockeye (red) salmon that fill our nets in the summer and our freezers all winter, is a piney-resinous IPA with a strong malt backbone and is perfect for any weather.

Beer Glass
Beer Barrels

Midnight Sun has been pioneering styles and brewing methods for over two decades lending to our characteristic flavors that the hearty people of Alaska have come to know and love. Our water is the key ingredient to making Alaska-style ales. The very soft glacial-fed waters of the Chugach Mountains are the canvas on which we create our art. Certainly the water is what makes beer from Alaska so distinct.