The Loft

Located in South Anchorage, Midnight Sun offers crazy cool beers and fresh fabulous food with a modern industrial vibe.


Midnight Sun Brewing Company opened in May 1995 and is located in an industrial park in South Anchorage. We have “man v. nature” views: man-made metal and concrete are very evident but the Sleeping Lady and the Chugach Mountain range offer beautiful contrasts.


Our Alaska brewery license allows us to serve beer until 8 pm daily. This license also limits beer service to up to 36 ounces per person per day for on-site consumption (for here) and up to 5 gallons per person per day for off-site consumption (to-go).

Located on the second floor of our main building, the Loft offers 16 beers and 2 sodas on tap — all house-made. And we’ve established a daily menu of fresh fabulous fare — as well as exciting hot dish specials — to accompany our world-class beers. Our eclectic beers range from 4% wheat beers to over-12% imperial stouts and barley wines with many beer styles in between. And, in keeping with the 36-oz per person limit, we serve our beers in 6- and 12-oz glasses as well as a sampler paddle (4 x 3-oz pours) that counts as a 12-oz pour.

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In May 2015, we added a full-fledged merchandise shop to our business. It is stocked and loaded. Come check out our cool gear and take away a little bit of Midnight Sun to wear, to drink from, to relish. Once you are here, you are one of us. Thanks for supporting MSBC!


(907) 344-1179 Business Office
(907) 344-6653 Loft
(907) 344-6650 Gear Shop


8111 Dimond Hook Drive
Anchorage, AK 99507


SUNDAY & MONDAY: 11am – 7pm

TUESDAY – SATURDAY: 11am – 9pm


We do not take reservations.


Free parking is available in Midnight Sun’s parking lot and along the nearby streets. [Please do not park in other businesses’ parking lots.]


All brewery tours are now run through Big Swig Tours