Berber Kingdom

Berber Kingdom

Imperial Stout

Malt: Two Row, Munich, Special B, Torrified Wheat, Chocolate, Black, Flaked Barley and Roasted Barley

Hops: Perl and Fuggles

Other: Brown Sugar, Molasses, Ras el Hanout blend, aged in bourbon oak barrels

IBUs: 30

ABV: 12.7% Alcohol by Volume

A variant of our annual Imperial Stout, Berserker, Berber Kingdom brings warmth & flavors from halfway across the globe into one crisp cold Alaska brew. This dark delicacy was conditioned on a Ras El Hanout spice blend sourced straight from Morocco by our head chef Jimbo. The literal translation from Arabic to English is “head of shop”, also known as “top self” – meaning it’s the finest offering a spice shop has to offer. While this unique blend of spices varies from one spice shop to another in different North African countries, our unique Moroccan blend boasts flavors of cardamom, nutmeg, cinnamon, turmeric, mace, and ginger. The varying spices and sweet bourbon flavors from barrel aging cumulate to create one exceptionally unique & tasty variety of a MSBC classic.

Brace yourself and get ready to go Berserk with Berber Kingdom!

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