Wind Break

Wind Break

Belgian Style Dubbel

Malt: Pilsner, 2 Row, Carahell, Special B, Flaked Wheat, De-Bittered Black, Caramunich 2

Hops: Perl, Styrian Golding

Other: Brown Sugar

IBUs: 15

ABV: 8% Alcohol by Volume

It’s Cold, It’s Dark. Stay Warm & Fuzzy with a bold Belgian Dubbel that’ll blow you away.

Wind Break holds a rich malt sweetness and complex profile with notes of biscuit and caramel that surface from the vast variety of malts. The Abbey ale strain used to create this beer imparts fruity esters of raisins, plums, and dried cherries which complement the complexity of this masterful mix. A modest fermentation temperature was used to ensure a proper balance between malt sweetness and fruit esters, leaving behind a malty, fruity, and light-bodied brew that’s perfect to ride out any storm.

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