Dirt Tan

Dirt Tan

Berliner Weisse

Malt: Pilsner, White Wheat, Alaska Grown Un-malted Wheat & acidulated

Hops: Hallertau

IBUs: 10 Int'l Bittering Units

ABV: 5.5% Alcohol by Volume

A deceptive name for such a colorful brew, Dirt Tan is a clean & crisp tart treat that’ll keep you sipping through every pretty pucker. Berliner Weisse is a traditional sour wheat beer from Berlin, Germany hosting funky flavors & soft notes of lemon. We added a local un-malted wheat to our version to bring a bit of local flair to this traditional style while offering a more intense wheat flavor. Hallertau hops unearth slightly fruity and spicy notes that compliment the mix, and the final result is a slightly tart & easy drinking wheat beer that’s perfect to pair with the winding days of summer.

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