Sorta Summer

Sorta Summer

Imperial Belgian Pale Ale

Malt: Two Row, Caramunich, Biscuit, Aromatic and White Wheat

Hops: St Golding and Saaz

IBUs: 25 Int'l Bittering Units

ABV: 8.5% Alcohol by Volume

It’s Summer, No, It’s Winter, It’s Raining, No, It’s Snowing. It’s… Sorta Summer, and we’ve brewed the perfect beer for the season shift. Much like the bipolar weather we experience this time of year, Sorta Summer is seasoned in multiple styles, marrying the light easy drinking nature of pale ales with the bold balanced flavors of Belgian beer. While Belgian Pales Ales are typically a restrained version of what many drinkers associate with Belgian style beer, our Imperial version is a free bird flying above the norm. At 8.5% alcohol, this pale ale boasts an alcohol warmth that’s far from pale. Caramunich offers a nice malt sweetness with hints of caramel & toffee that complement toasted notes from the grain bill. Using a lower fermentation temperature helped us produce less esters and control the flavors, maintaining the incredible balance and easy drinking nature of the original style. Keep it cool and warm up with our latest & greatest Belgian brew, Sorta Summer.

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