Winter Warmer

Winter Warmer

Winter Ale

Malt: Pilsner, Munich, Chocolate, De-bittered Black, Cara Munich, Flaked Oat, Special B

Hops: Perl, Saaz

Other: Currants and Cinnamon

IBUs: 35 Int'l Bittering Units

ABV: 7% Alcohol by Volume

While Winter Warmer is typically an undefined style in the US to describe spiced winter seasonal ales, our rendition of this year’s winter ale is a malt forward brew with subtle spice & beautiful balance. A combination of pilsner and munich as base malts combine sweet & slightly grassy pilsner flavors with the toasted quality of munich malt. Chocolate and de-bittered black malts bring out dark chocolatey bitterness, while cara munich & special B bring in strong caramel/nougat notes to counter the darker malts. Currants add another layer of sweetness & slight tart bite to cut through the malt forward grain bill, and Cinnamon finishes this brew off with a much-needed spice to warm your spirits all winter long.

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